Let loose and enjoy music

With body and soul


music in a 130-year old underground location

Clinkerlounge is all about contrasts:

Young meets retro. Classic meets industrial.

Professional musicians and gifted amateurs share one stage.

Seems unusual? Well, it is. We stir things up and break the status quo, just like Handel and Mozart did.

Clinkerlounge is the changemaker that brings classical music to everyone, no dress code, no fancy rules.

On your way to the club? Tired of the same old bars? Come and have a fun and new classical experience in a modern but cozy environment.


These clinkers are
and so is Berlin's music scene

The factory dates back to the end of the 19th century. It was on this site that the brothers Aschinger built the headquarters of their empire supplying pea soup and “Schrippen” (bread rolls). By the mid-1920s, 4000 people were employed in the workshops and food production of the Backfabrik.

Berlin's musical life is booming, the still young Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is setting new standards, and famous composers like Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner or Antonín Dvorak are being played regularly. A young composer is making a name for himself with his daring and innovative compositions - Richard Strauss.
The “Roaring Twenties” are all over the city. The Aschinger Brother’s imperium is constantly growing with their “Beerquellen” (Beer springs) and other gastronomic facilities.

In the entertainment world, countless small theaters, concert halls, cabarets and cinemas are popping up here and there. The influence of Jazz and other dance music is palpable also in the classical music of the day, culminating in Brecht and Weill’s “Threepenny Opera” in 1928.
After 1945
In 1947 began the VEB BAKO and the “Ostschrippe” era, from which the Backfabrik derives its name. Its huge baking machines made rolls and bread for the whole of East Berlin.

The cultural scene in the city is slowly recuperating from the devastations of the war. Cultural landmarks like the Konzerthaus or Philharmonie are destroyed, but the fearless musician’s are not to be stopped, performing in venues such as the Titaniapalast.
Horst Schießer turns the factory into "Cityback" and continues with food production. Cityback closes its doors, followed by three exciting years of temporary use as an off-location. The Casino and the Cookies attracted many hundreds of people each week. Alternative workshops, a skating rink and much more found a temporary home here.

The freshly reunited city is thriving in its cultural sector, and the musical landscape is richer than ever before - re-establishing the standing of Berlin as one of the world’s main locations for classical music.
In February 2002, Wolfgang Thierse, President of The German National Parliament, officially opens the Backfabrik.

The Berlin Philharmonic is welcoming its new chief conductor: Sir Simon Rattle, who brings classical music closer to audiences and especially to young people than ever before.
In early 2023, three young musical enterprises from Berlin are starting their partnership with the Clinkerlounge: the chamber orchestra Eroica Berlin, the Neue Kammerchor Berlin and Chorverband Berlin. They collaborate closely with the Backfabrik and REMM Gruppe to take the Clinkerlounge to the next step in their exciting future.
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Conductor Vinzenz Weissenburger
Conductor Jakob Lehmann


Here you will find something
for every taste

Conductor Adrian Emans

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Latest Past Events

Christoph Heesch & Friedrich Thiele

Die beiden Cellisten bringen ihr "Pas de Deux auf 8 Saiten" mit Werken von Haydn, Offenbach, Popper und anderen aufs Parkett der Clinkerlounge.

ChorLounge-Konzert: klassisch anders

Erleben Sie die Konzertreihe "ChorLounge: klassisch anders" des Chorverbands Berlin, bei der klassische Chormusik zu einem kreativen Experimentierfeld wird. Freuen Sie sich auf Abende voller Überraschungen, in denen Chorgesang mit verschiedenen Kunstformen zu einem harmonischen Gesamtkunstwerk verschmilzt.


Behind sounds there are people and 

Eroica Berlin

Eroica Berlin

Eroica Berlin, founded in 2015, is a chamber orchestra consisting of young musicians from Berlin. The direct, unfiltered conveyance of emotions and the implementation of historically informed performance practice unites this ensemble with conviction that in today’s event and performance culture, the music itself and its contents have to take center stage. Eroica Berlin performs regularly at leading concert halls such as Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and the Brucknerhaus Linz.

Neuer Kammerchor Berlin

Founded in 2016 by Adrian Emans, the Neuer Kammerchor Berlin is one of the most renowned chamber choirs in the city of Berlin. The singers with extensive choral experience developed an ambitious and varied a cappella and symphonic repertoire, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary classical music literature. Their innovative and interdisciplinary concert projects include premieres on a regular basis. The NKC already won several competitions and looks back on two CD recordings and several concert tours, including South Africa, the Czech Republic, Poland, Luxemburg, and Italy.
Neuer Kammerchor Berlin
Berliner Chorverband

Chorverband Berlin

Chorverband Berlin e.V. is the capital’s largest amateur music organisation. It comprises appr. 300 ensembles. These include mixed choirs, chamber choirs, vocal ensembles, men’s, women’s, children’s, youth, school, seniors’ and shanty choirs, gospel choirs, choirs from different cultural areas, church and oratory choirs as well as instrumental groups and orchestras with a relation to choral music. Chorverband Berlin is the roof organisation of the affiliated choirs, but also acts as a contact point for choral and vocal projects outside the association.